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Package sealing systems

LAKO provides engineering support, tooling, and services for excellent package sealing.

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The lako experience

Superior Sealing, Cutting, and Punching Products Integrate with All Packaging Machinery

Engineered sealing solutions

Integrate well with horizontal wrapper and vertical bagger packaging machinery

As industry leaders, we have innovations that can revolutionize your line performance through significantly lower operational costs and higher quality.

Our leaders are active in global developments relevant to package sealing across industries. Let's meet to discuss industry trends and opportunities.

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Our service teams are PMMI Certified, local, and experienced in end-to-end performance diagnostics and analyses for return on investment, as well as operational training for ongoing installation and maintenance.


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Seal jaws, crimpers,knives, anvils, hole punches, fin wheels, formers, and product carriers integrate with virtually all packaging machineryand perform more than 3X longer than competitors. We view our customers as an extension of our team.

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We provide a single point of contact for all purchasing: re-stocking, retro-fitting, new installations, and any services.


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