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Lako’s Full Radius Punches and Anvils can last 4X longer than other mechanical punches.

Lako’s excellence in manufacturing our tools enables us to offer punches and anvils that avoid the line wear and package hole strength issues of spring-loaded products. Our machining and finishing processes enable us to grind precisely a 3 dimensional contoured radius matched to the pitch diameter of the crimper. This provides a perfect fit for the punch and anvil, and the following advantages:

  • The Full Radius design eliminates the need for springs.
  • Easy adjustment to the punch simplifies installation and reduces wear and tear on punch and anvil tools, without sacrificing the hole strength of the package.
  • Some Lako customers have used Full-Radius Hole Punches and Anvils continuously for a year, without replacements.
  • Punches and Anvils are available in all industry standards: Butterfly, Delta, Sombrero, and Round.
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  • Click here if you have interest in Lako’s Hot Chamber Punch, which offers similar precision benefits with possible reduced film costs.
  • Our lead management, engineering, and sales teams, with an average of 20 years’ experience, provide complete engineering and design services for tough-to-solve sealing problems, regardless of where they originate. This is true for all our products, and we are proud to share this with our customers.

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