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PSD™ Hot Seal Jaw is designed to correct standard heat seal film industry issues, to improve seal integrity, product freshness, and manufacturing cost savings.

For products requiring heat sealing, Lako has developed a hot seal polymer to withstand 300 degrees Fahrenheit, or 150 degrees Celsius. This can provide superior sealing vs. other heat sealing processes, and provides many benefits:

  • Improved seal strength, even with lighter gauge film.
  • Seals through wrinkles, channel leakers, and transition areas around the fin seal while reducing or eliminating end seal fractures.
  • Eliminates metal to metal contact, reducing time-consuming machine wear.
  • Enables consistent sealing without ongoing quality control adjustments for minor film variations.
  • Lako’s hot polymer PSD inserts can be replaced in minutes, without disturbing settings for knives and anvils or causing downtime.
  • Re-stocking management. Lako stocks extra polymer inserts for fast replacements, and also offers custom re-stocking programs to avoid any down-time. Click here to contact us for more information on these and our Just-in-Time delivery programs.
  • Our lead management, engineering, and sales teams, with an average of 20 years’ experience, provide complete engineering and design services for tough-to-solve sealing problems, regardless of where they originate. This is true for all our products, and we are proud to share this with our customers.

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