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Avoid damage from wash-downs with the IP55 Waterproof Hot Hole Punch and Control.

As concerns about food and product safety increase, executives and line managers need to ensure comprehensive wash-downs do not compromise daily operations. Lako developed the IP55 Waterproof Hot Hole Punch for VFFS baggers to withstand wash-downs without having to be removed. The IP55 is a version of the LAKO Hot Chamber Punch, designed to maintain the excellent benefits of hot hole punching in a wash-down environment.

  • Totally sealed, IP55 waterproof system is designed to eliminate failures after preventative wash-downs.
  • Avoid possible re-start delays due to removal and re-installation, electrical shorts due to water leakage, or other surprises.
  • Compatible with most packaging machines. Click here to contact us for specific requirements.
  •  Rated IP55, NEMA 3 to protect from dust and water jets.
  • Note IP55 Hot Hole Punch must be used with the IP55 Waterproof Control.
  • Our lead management, engineering, and sales teams, with an average of 20 years’ experience, provide complete engineering and design services for tough-to-solve sealing problems, regardless of where they originate. This is true for all our products, and we are proud to share this with our customers.

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