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innovative ultrasonic sealing

Lako’s Ultrasonic Sealing is revolutionizing the sealing industry with faster, safer, more efficient operations, through easily installed upgrades.

Improve your VFFS and horizontal pouch line performance through increased seal strength, reduced film usage, fast cycle times, unsurpassed seal reliability, and sealing through contaminants. Simple retrofitting to existing machinery as well as new installs can provide these benefits, and sub assembly components are available for OEMs. Lako and Herrmann Ultrasonics have a cooperation that provides a single source for you to deploy this innovative ultrasonic technology. Below, you can see Ultrasonic sealing in action in a short video, an example Return on Investment for common usages, and a list of the many efficiencies this easy-to-adapt technology offers.

Ultrasonic sealing for verTical form film seal bagging

Example ROI

annual savings

  • $57,000 in reduced film costs
  • 303 fewer rolls of film
  • 14,725 pounds of post consumer waste


  • .25" film savings top and bottom (.5" total)
  • Cost of film roll $187.50
  • 337 days of operation/year: Three 8 hour shifts/day
  • Reduced film usage - Reliable seals as narrow as 2mm wide can be achieved with ultrasonics.
  • Increased seal strength - Ultrasonic seals are much stronger than heat seals of the same size.  This is what enables such narrow seals.
  • Fast cycle times - Depending upon the film, seal times can be held under 0.1 seconds.
  • Unsurpassed seal reliability  - Leak rates of less than 1 in 50,000 seals are not uncommon.
  • Seal through contaminants – Ultrasonics can seal products like shredded cheese, lettuce, milk, egg protein, soft meat, and powdered and liquid chemical products including motor oil and silicon grease.
          – Because contamination is no longer a concern, package sizes can be reduced.
  • Safely seal heat sensitive products - Products like cheeses, chocolates and liquid eggs are not harmed during sealing because the ultrasonic tools remain cool.
  • Reduce hot tack concerns - Without any radiant heat being applied, full seal strength is reached nearly instantaneously upon stopping the ultrasonic vibration.
  • Reduce energy consumed - Unlike heat sealing, ultrasonic energy is turned off between seal cycles.
  • Fast system startup - No heater warm up time required, making the first seal as good as the last seal.
  • Process control available - Intelligent ultrasonic systems monitor process parameters which can alert operators if the process drifts or a component failure occurs.
  • Bag widths are flexible from 90mm to 300mm without changing tooling.
  • Return on Investment – all these improvements provide a range of advantages in ROI:
          – New markets - Ability to seal through contaminants enables flexible packaging of previously canned or bottled products.
          – Film savings - Smaller seals, smaller packages, less expensive films.
          – Energy savings - No heating elements, and only draws electrical power for 0.1 seconds per package.
          – Increased shelf life - Tighter seals, fewer leakers, fewer product returns.
          – Reduced product scrap - Seal through contaminants, and fewer leakers.
          – Increased output - No warm-up time, shorter seal times, and fewer leakers.

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