Lako providing quick-change solutions for flexible packaging machinery

one point of contact

Purchasing made simple

LAKO understands that purchasing can be A complex and time consuming process

To streamline purchasing, Lako provides you with an experienced representative who will manage your request from start to finish. Get started today by finding your local contact.

Re-stocking orders program

Existing part number, email purchase order to, or fax to 419.662.8225. Delivery and costs will be confirmed upon receipt.

If your part number is not available, please contact us at 419.662.8225. We will identify what you need and get it processed for delivery if you wish. For high-volume customers, please ask us about our Just-In-Time delivery services.

New orders, retro-fits, and installs

New orders, retrofitting, and installations may require a site visit to ensure an accurate assessment of needs, including possible new products and procedures.

Your representative will move quickly to define your needs and the best solutions to make an informed decision and complete project planning.

Considering Lako as a new supplier

We may already work with your company in other divisions or regions, which can speed the corporate processes of establishing a supplier. If not, our representative will explain and provide the information needed to establish a business relationship quickly and easily.

Production Diagnostics, ROI Analysis, and Troubleshooting

Our representatives have decades of experience on average, and are committed to cost-efficiency, quality, and run-time. We can review your current operations and outline any ROI benefits for possible changes. Likewise, many problems that originate at the end of the line may be caused by minor issues at any stage of the manufacturing process. Whether you are a current or potential Lako customer, our representatives can help diagnose problem areas throughout the process, and share tips from our experience on how to quickly resolve common concerns. Click here to contact a local representative or our main office.

Single point of contact for purchasing and support

  • Re-stocking Program
  • Retro-fitting
  • New Installations
  • Training
  • Production Diagnostics
  • ROI Analysis
  • Troubleshooting