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Package Types

There are different types of machines (vertical and horizontal) used to form, fill and seal the variety of packs, or wrap products. LAKO TOOL quality seal jaws, crimpers, knives, anvils and punches are engineered to work with ffs .  

iStock-637391868-wrappers various colors


Wrappers are used as part of a packaging process for horizontal form fill seal machines. The process produces a fitted flexible film package completely wrapped over a product (film, foil, or paper).


A fully wrapped product is then sealed, cut, and punched as part of the horizontal form fill seal process. 

Wrappers are used for the following product applications: candy bars, cookies, confections and vegetables, soap bars, pet food/supplies, medical items and more



Flexible pouch packaging transforms into various sizes and shapes.  Traditionally, vertical form fill seal processes are used to seal pouches. However, Ultrasonic sealing is another viable option and offers savings on material usage.


Pouches are used in a wide range of applications:  gusseted bags, stand-up pouches, zipper pouches, vacuum bags, retort pouches, microwaveable pouches.

Common applications include packaging of food products, confectionery products, biscuits, coffee, powdered milk, snacks, health/beauty, pet food, and more.



A sachet could also be called a small pouch, except that in a sachet, only a single (piece) product is usually packed and the content is closed by sealing (welding) on all (four) sides. Most often it is made of laminated paper and aluminum and/or PET film. With a fully pressable surface, it offers a great opportunity for branding and marketing.

Applications that come in various sizes and shapes can be packed with an extremely wide range of products: powders, soaps, shampoos, coffee sugar, tablets, liquids, etc.

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