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Consumer Packaged Goods companies (CPGs) and copackers have been confronted with the reality that consumer expectations are changing fast. ​​Our modernization program can get you the performance capability you need from your existing platform at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. ​Recyclable and compostable material structures can be tough to seal utilizing traditional thermal methods. Ultrasonics has proven to be a very effective method to overcome this challenge. ​​

  • Ability to seal hard-to-seal materials like coated paper, compostable and recyclable materials.​

  • Seal through contaminates in seal zone reducing or eliminating leakers.​

  • Better seal quality reducing leakers. Ability to monitor seal quality and cull bad seals.​

  • Eliminate negative heat effects on sensitive product like confectionary and pharmaceutical products.​

  • Higher speed sealing improving machine throughput.​

  • Digitally controlled intelligent process. Ethernet IP or Modbus standard with other protocols available. 

  • Possible film reduction cost savings. Possibility of reduced seal size as well as different film construction as heat seal layers no longer required.​

  • Energy conservation through reduced power consumption. Up to 75% reduction over heat.​

  • Minimize start-up and shut-down times as there is no waiting for heaters to heat up and cool down.​

  • Minimize wasted product at start-up and shut-down by ramping power with speed maintaining seal integrity.​

  • Improve operator safety with no hot components.

  • Extremely robust designs. Set it and forget it.​

  • Conserve valuable floor space by utilizing existing machinery envelop.​

  • Save cost on installation as you are using existing utility drops.


  • VFFS Machines​

    • Legacy Ultrasonic Cross Seal Module​​

    • Rotary Ultrasonic Back Seal Module or Ultrasonic Longitudinal Seal Module (LSM) for continuous applications

  • Flow Wrap Machines​

    • Ultrasonic Cross Seal Module​​- concept

    • Rotary Ultrasonic Fin Seal Module for continuous applications​​ or Ultrasonic Longitudinal Seal Module (LSM) for continuous applications

  • HFFS Pouching Machines​

    • Rotary Ultrasonic Top Seal Module for continuous applications​​

  • Rotary Pouch-Filling Machine

    • Ultrasonic Top Seal Module​

Flow Wrap- Cross Seal Module in development

Rotary Pouch-Filling

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