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Manufacturing operations require consistent excellence today and continuous improvement for tomorrow At Lako we work to deliver both.

We have products proven to provide our customers advantages in current operations. Our intelligently designed quick-change heads and tooling reduces or eliminates mechanical downtime while increasing plant productivity.


Hot or Cold Seal Jaws - Enables simple and fast change-overs and repairs with virtually no downtime.

This innovative Lako sealing system is versatile and simple, enabling change-overs from standard to hole punch seals, and to different seal types.


  • Works with both hot and cold sealing applications
  • Standard and hole-punch applications available
  • Split heater hole design enables easy access to the heater
  • Available with shim or adjustable style knives
  • Compatible with vertical and horizontal machines
  • Just-in-time delivery programs available

replace / change in 4 easy steps

When running different products on the same line, seal jaw faces can be exchanged to accommodate each products seal specifications. Seal jaw faces can be replaced or changed 4 easy steps.

Aftermarket oEM replacement Seal Jaws

Using the highest quality materials, surface treatments, and precision CNC machining processes

  • High quality and reliable machined tools for fast and easy installation and replacement
  • Direct replacement jaws for most OEM machines
  • Customized seal jaw designs to accommodate package requirement and/or marketing requests
  • Variety of seal patterns for proper end sealing
  • Bag-in-Box applications for easy open tops and strong bottom seals on the same crimper
  • Compatible with vertical and horizontal machines
  • Just-in-time delivery programs available

A variety of premium materials are also available to provide:

  • Increased hardness for sealing demanding products
  • High thermal conductivity for high speed applications and thick or resistant films
  • High corrosion resistance for wash down or caustic applications
Tech Sheet |  Standard Sealing

sealing rolls and drums

Lako's sealing rolls and drums are made to customer specifications. Using pre-hardened materials on our sealing rolls and drums to ensure long-term reliability. Available as an OEM replacement or customized:

  • Pocket designs can be customized to meet various package applications
  • A variety of sealing surface patterns can be customized to fit your brand
  • Variety of seal patterns for proper end sealing
  • Just-in-time delivery programs available

fin wheels for horizontal wrappers

Lako's Fin Wheels are manufactured for Hot or cold applications in horizontal flow wrappers.

  • Precisely engineered to match machine speeds for improved film web control.
  • OEM replacements for any machine make and model are available
  • Customized Fin Wheels are available
  • Sealing profiles are designed and dedicated specifically for each film type to ensure exceptional seal integrity.
  • Various serrations are available: Vertical, horizontal, cross-hatch and Lako's unique "Rotary Vertical" patterns

Bow style seal jaw reduces chance of leakage

Lako's Bow allows greater sealing tolerances, and can be designed to match package specifications and OEM seal jaws.

  • The Bow can be used in hot and cold seal applications
  • Bowed design is more forgiving than undercut seal surfaces
  • Greater tolerances allow sealing fin length variances
  • Seals when packages do not track properly

Knives and anvils

Lako uses superior materials and processes to ensure excellence in impact strength as well as wear resistance during the cutting process. We have developed knives and anvils to meet the needs for horizontal and vertical applications.

Zig-zag knives

  • Easy open applications, including but not limited to:
  • Straight or Diagonal
  • Multi Pitch
  • Perforated
  • Integrated Tear Notch
  • Fine and Coarse Pitches

Diagonal-cut knives

  • Perforated
  • Integrated Tear Notch

lakote 85 coating

Through performance and durability, Lakote 85 maintains quality output, and helps avoid downtime

  • More cost-effective than carbide
  • Same edge strength and wear resistance as carbide
  • All knives and anvils can be used for horizontal wrappers and vertical baggers

Existing knives and anvils will benefit from the Lakote 85 application.  Contact us about a trial run for improved performance and pricing.

Shim or adjustable styles are available per machine specifications.

vertical bagger fly-through knives

  • Scalloped
  • Course
  • Fine


Anvils are available in flat and radius, single and double-sided.

Ultrasonic sealing for vertical form fill seal bagging

Improve your VFFS and horizontal pouch line performance through increased seal strength, reduced film usage, fast cycle times, unsurpassed seal reliability, and sealing through contaminants. Simple retrofitting to existing machinery as well as new installs can provide these benefits, and sub assembly components are available for OEMs. Lako and Herrmann Ultrasonics have a cooperation that provides a single source for you to deploy this innovative ultrasonic technology. Below, you can see Ultrasonic sealing in action in a short video, an example Return on Investment for common usages, and a list of the many efficiencies this easy-to-adapt technology offers.

Example ROI

annual savings

  • $57,000 in reduced film costs
  • 303 fewer rolls of film
  • 14,725 pounds of post consumer waste


  • .25" film savings top and bottom (.5" total)
  • Cost of film roll $187.50
  • 337 days of operation/year: Three 8 hour shifts/day
  • Reduced film usage - Reliable seals as narrow as 2mm wide can be achieved with ultrasonics.
  • Increased seal strength - Ultrasonic seals are much stronger than heat seals of the same size.  This is what enables such narrow seals.
  • Fast cycle times - Depending upon the film, seal times can be held under 0.1 seconds.
  • Unsurpassed seal reliability  - Leak rates of less than 1 in 50,000 seals are not uncommon.
  • Seal through contaminants – Ultrasonics can seal products like shredded cheese, lettuce, milk, egg protein, soft meat, and powdered and liquid chemical products including motor oil and silicon grease.
          – Because contamination is no longer a concern, package sizes can be reduced.
  • Safely seal heat sensitive products - Products like cheeses, chocolates and liquid eggs are not harmed during sealing because the ultrasonic tools remain cool.
  • Reduce hot tack concerns - Without any radiant heat being applied, full seal strength is reached nearly instantaneously upon stopping the ultrasonic vibration.
  • Reduce energy consumed - Unlike heat sealing, ultrasonic energy is turned off between seal cycles.
  • Fast system startup - No heater warm up time required, making the first seal as good as the last seal.
  • Process control available - Intelligent ultrasonic systems monitor process parameters which can alert operators if the process drifts or a component failure occurs.
  • Bag widths are flexible from 90mm to 300mm without changing tooling.
  • Return on Investment – all these improvements provide a range of advantages in ROI:
          – New markets - Ability to seal through contaminants enables flexible packaging of previously canned or bottled products.
          – Film savings - Smaller seals, smaller packages, less expensive films.
          – Energy savings - No heating elements, and only draws electrical power for 0.1 seconds per package.
          – Increased shelf life - Tighter seals, fewer leakers, fewer product returns.
          – Reduced product scrap - Seal through contaminants, and fewer leakers.
          – Increased output - No warm-up time, shorter seal times, and fewer leakers.


Provides increased hanger hole strength over mechanical punches, and can lower your film costs.

The Hot Chamber Punch (HCP) is widely used in the packaging industry for punching strong, neat holes in polypropylene bags on vertical baggers. The HCP burns and cauterizes the hole, providing extra strength and helping prevent unnecessary tearing when hung. It works with Lako's standard and MSD Seal Jaws.

  • Standard sizes included 3/8", 7/16" round, and Euro "Sombrero" punch
  • Digital HCP Control provides consistent temperature control to the punch
  • Extra HCP stock is on-hand for last-minute needs
  • Custom re-stocking programs are available to avoid down-time


  • Annealing the area around the hole increases its strength (lighter, less expensive film can be used)
  • Eliminates heat transfer from the punch to the seal jaw (No hot spots in the seal area)
  • The center of the hole stays attached to the bag
  • HCP maintains constant punch tip temperature

Full Radius Punches and Anvils

Lako's excellence in manufacturing our tools enables us to offer punches and anvils that avoid the line wear and package hole strength issues of spring-loaded products.

Our machining and finishing processes enable us to grind precisely a 3-dimensional contoured radius matched to the pitch diameter of the crimper. Providing a perfect fit for the punch and anvil.

  • Last 4X's longer than other mechanical punches
  • All industry standards sizes are available (butterfly, delta, sombrero and round)
  • Easy adjustment to the punch simplifies installation and reduces wear and tear on punch and anvil tools, without sacrificing the hole strength of the package.
  • The Full Radius eliminates the need for springs

waterproof hot hole punch and control

As concerns about food and product safety increase, executives and line managers need to ensure comprehensive wash-downs do not compromise daily operations. Lako developed the IP55 Waterproof Hot Hole Punch for Vertical Form Fill Seal Baggers to withstand wash-downs without having to be removed.

The IP55 is a version of the Hot Chamber Punch designed to maintain the excellent benefits of hot hole punching in a wash-down environment.

  • Totally sealed the IP55 is designed to eliminate failures after preventative wash-downs
  • Avoid possible re-start delays due to removal and re-installation, electrical shorts due to water leakage, or other surprises.
  • Compatible with most packaging machines
  • Rated IP55, NEMA3 to protect from dust and water jets

NOTE: IP55 Hot Hole Punch must be used with the IP55 Waterproof Control

modular head assembly

Convert your existing lines, or install modular heads to new lines to make it possible for fast, simple changeovers when in production. Prepare for just-in-time production, and how to juggle short and long-runs without downtime. Lako can convert most seal-jaw head assemblies to meet any of your flexibility needs, or install new modular heads to enable simple swapping out during production or repairs. Currently available for most horizontal wrappers.


  • First product out is usable and eliminates scrap
  • Conversions or new heads can support Standard or Hole Punching | Works with long and short packages
  • Works with long and short packages
  • Head assembly has the highest integrity
  • Just-in-time delivery programs available

assembly restoration

Lako offers the same care and precision we put into our products to help restore your existing horizontal wrapper head assemblies or vertical seal jaw carriage assemblies. We fully inspect the head and replace all worn or damaged parts with our exacting attention to quality, so you have the performance of new head without the cost.


  • Every component will be examined and restored as needed
  • Available for Horizontal and Vertical Form Fill Seal (HFFS and VFFS) | Obsolete machinery will function like new again
  • Updates can be made to accommodate any new Brand package design
  • Ready to run condition, offering immediate improvements in seal integrity

Lako's lead management, engineering, and sales teams provide complete engineering and design services for challenging sealing problems. Our re-stock management program was developed to avoid any down time, contact us to get started.