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Provides increased hanger hole strength over mechanical punches, and can lower your film costs.

The Hot Chamber Punch (HCP) is widely used in the packaging industry for punching strong, neat holes in polypropylene bags on vertical baggers. The HCP burns and cauterizes the hole, providing extra strength and helping prevent unnecessary tearing when hung. It works with LAKO's standard and MSD Seal Jaws.

  • Standard sizes included 3/8", 5/16", 7/16" round, and Sombrero / EuroSlot punch

  • Digital HCP Control provides consistent temperature control to the punch

  • Extra HCP stock is on-hand for last-minute needs

  • Custom re-stocking programs are available to avoid downtime

Hot Chamber3-p-500.jpeg
Hot Chamber1-p-500.jpeg
Hot Chamber2-p-500.jpeg
Digital HCP Controller

The setup of LAKO's HCP System is very easy and designed with the customer in mind.

  • The controller mounts to the VFFS machine for optimal access by the operator

  • All setting are preset by LAKO

  • Few components needed to convert a bagger to perform quality hole punching

Hot Hole Punch Brochure
Waterproof Hot Hole Punch and Control

As concerns about food and product safety increase, executives and line managers need to ensure comprehensive wash-downs do not compromise daily operations. LAKO developed the IP55 Waterproof Hot Hole Punch for Vertical Form Fill Seal Baggers to withstand wash-downs without having to be removed. 

The IP55 is a version of the Hot Chamber Punch designed to maintain the excellent benefits of hot hole punching in a wash-down environment.

  • Totally sealed the IP55 is designed to eliminate failures after preventative wash-downs

  • Avoid possible re-start delays due to removal and re-installation, electrical shorts due to water leakage, or other surprises.

  • Compatible with most packaging machines


Rated IP55, NEMA3 to protect from dust and water jets

NOTE: IP55 Hot Hole Punch must be used with the IP55 Waterproof Control


Waterproof Hot Hole Punch for VFFS Baggers

Full Radius Punches and Anvils

Lako's excellence in manufacturing our tools enables us to offer punches and anvils that avoid the line wear and package hole strength issues of spring-loaded products.

Our machining and finishing processes enable us to grind precisely a 3-dimensional contoured radius matched to the pitch diameter of the crimper. Providing a perfect fit for the punch and anvil.

  • Last 4X's longer than other mechanical punches

  • All industry standards sizes are available (butterfly, delta, sombrero and round)

  • Easy adjustment to the punch simplifies installation and reduces wear and tear on punch and anvil tools, without sacrificing the hole strength of the package.

  • The Full Radius eliminates the need for springs

HCP Troubleshooting
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