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“I am impressed by Lako’s continuous dedication to research and design for customer-specific applications. I presented Lako with the opportunity to help my company find a mechanical solution to an industry-wide problem — air retention in gusseted bags that are packed lying down in the case. They researched and designed four specific jaw serration patterns to test in the lab with different film structures, temperatures, sealing times and pressures to identify the optimal jaw set. Although this was not implemented due to a different business priority, it was a thorough feasibility study.”
- Meagan Reid, The Hershey Company

“I wanted to reach out to let you know working with you guys on the quick release jaws for our TNA and Hayssen packaging machines has been a real pleasure. We are truly impressed with what your team of engineers came up with. Swapping out our standard jaws to a hole punch jaw has made things so much easier and using a lot less downtime. Our production and maintenance team could not be happier with the ending results. You guys from Lako have made yourselves available for us at all times and were always keeping in touch with us on how things were going with the new pair of jaws. “
- David Perry, Herr's Food, Inc.

“We are currently using a combination of a steel jaw that comes in contact with a polymer jaw… so far Lako’s PSD seal jaws have proven to be easier to keep clean and quieter. In time we are hopeful to save money by only replacing the polymer insert when it wears out… and to change all our machines over to this set up which should provide significant savings.”
- Wesley Shearer, Goetze's Candy Company, Inc.

"Lako Tool has provided us with innovative and cost-saving seal bar designs for many years... Their entire team is a first-class operation. Lako Engineers helped us resolve a serious issue with pour spout resalable pouches... There was an immediate on-site response from Lako with engineering solutions to help us solve the problem. We were able to standardize the redesign and incorporate the changes across multiple plants.
- Allan Crowder, Gilster Mary Lee Corporation

"At Campos Packaging we use LAKO TOOL when one of our customers is in need of a Hot Chamber Punch or Horizontal Sealing Jaw. After testing our film with various serration designs, the Engineering Department quickly responds with a detailed drawing for my approval. The machine shop produces beautifully machined components that are easy to install and operate flawlessly. When LAKO handles our sealing needs from start to finish, the results are a great seal at a reduced cost. With over 40 years of experience in the Packaging Industry, we know our equipment is only as good as the seals they produce. That being said, it is with pleasure that I am highly recommending LAKO TOOL to anyone in need of replacing or upgrading their Sealing Jaws or Hole Punch.“
- Andrew Campos, Campos Packaging

“Here at Barcelona Nut Co. for years before I arrived they had multiple sealing issues, as shell peanuts, sunflower kernels and the like create a dusty environment which makes sealing packages difficult. With the help of Lako Tool's excellent engineers, I was able to redesign and incorporate the new jaw configuration to moving the heater placements for a better hole punch design and a new tooth design for a better seal. Since putting the new design on all our machines our sealing issues have decreased by 70%. Cost-effective, efficient, excellent products, a good company to work with - Highly recommend."
- Russell R., Barcelona Nut Company

“Thank you for another high-quality set of tooling!  Your quality and attention to detail greatly help us be successful.   We're producing good packages out the gate“
- Marty Rochon, FuturePak

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