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“LAKO have supported us on the supply of a retrofit supply of jaws to enable us to solve a unique problem in securely bagging liquid on a VFFS process that would provide adequate puncture resistance once frozen. They have provided us with a great deal of engineering and design support, and the quality and precision of the final parts provided has a high standard. The ‘bolt-on’ option for the corner inserts of the jaws has enabled us to develop the design without having to pay for a full set of jaws on each re-design.


Prior to being introduced to LAKO, we had been struggling for nearly a year to get an expensive new piece of machinery working for our business. We have since been able to successfully launch our new product, primarily thanks to the help received by LAKO, which will have significant commercial impact to the future success of the business.


I can honestly say that the support that has been received from the LAKO team has been nothing short of excellent throughout.”

- Adam Jones, Lyan Packaging

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“Thank you for another high-quality set of tooling!  Your quality and attention to detail greatly help us be successful.   We're producing good packages out the gate“
- Marty Rochon, FuturePak

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