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Auto Tuning Instructions for Hot Chamber Punch Control - OMRON E5CN

MODEL: OMRON E5CN for New HCP Punch and Digital HCP Controller

The following procedure MUST BE FOLLOWED whenever installing a new Hot Chamber Punch (HCP) Punch, new Digital HCP Controller, or have unstable HCP punch temperatures.

A. Turn off the Digital HCP Controller

B. Stop the machine from running

  • If the machine is OFF, turn it ON;

  • Warm up the machine jaws or carriages to the desired temperature

C. Install new HCP Punch

  • Prevent punch cable shaking by using all cable clamps

D. Verify the machine jaws are at the desired temperature and steady

E. DO NOT run the machine

F. Turn ON the Digital HCP Controller

G. Set the punch temperature to the desired temperature

  • Use the UP and DOWN arrows

H. Press the LEVEL button one (1) time - the display will read LAD.J

I. Press the MODE button one (1) time - the AT setting will appear

J. Switch OFF to ON, using the UP and DOWN arrows

K. Press the LEVEL button one (1) time, again once the Auto-Tune has


  • Auto Tuning will begin to flash

  • Press the LEVEL button one (1) time, returns to the Operations Page

L. Once complete, Auto Tuning will stop on its own

  • The temperature setpoint will no longer flash

M. The temperature reading should be steady

N. Run the machine

Download these instructions or contact us or +1 (419) 662-5626

Download • 239KB

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